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¡¡¡¡TaiZhou LiSen Dermatology Hospital located in Taizhou City Commercial Center - Bridge is a beautiful prosperous and economically developed city. There aviation, ports, rail transportation is very convenient, close to 104 National Road Hospital. Hospital was founded in 1997 by the "World Medical Research Center," researcher Dermatology Institute Chen Lisen founded. Hospital a total investment of 20 million, with a total area of ??13,000 square meters, total construction area of ??7,000 square meters, opened 80 beds, total number of employees 55 people (including senior professional and technical personnel 10 people), has fixed assets of 30 million, the number of million or more than 30 sets of medical equipment. Hospital with specialist equipment featuring elected, strong technical force, elegant environment. In 2003 by the Science and Technology Commission approved the establishment of Taizhou Taizhou Lisen Dermatology Institute, is a set of medical and scientific research as one of the characteristics of specialist hospitals. Hospital elegant, fully functional, the main six comprehensive outpatient building, with a first-class theater, department settings: specialist dermatology, urology, infertility specialist, gynecology, internal medicine, acupuncture and massage department, laboratory, more than 20 clinical departments. Medical equipment U.S. General B-, X-ray machines, multifunction gynecology colposcopy, pelvic multifunction therapeutic apparatus, multi-micron light treatment, a large laser treatment, the semiconductor laser treatment, the treatment of prostate electrolytic conductivity financial instrument, automatic biochemical analyzer and other advanced equipment for diagnosis and treatment offers reliability and supportability.

Hospital is owned by Zhejiang Food and Drug Administration approved a preparation room, mainly produced by the self-developed herbal skin cream consisting of (series). After Chen Lisen calendar nearly forty years of exploration and research, and by the hundreds of thousands of domestic and international cases of clinical observation, treatment of intractable skin diseases, high cure rate and low recurrence rate, less side effects and other advantages. Particularly in the treatment of psoriasis (psoriasis) broke the domestic and international medical community is difficult to stop the recurrence of medical problems, to fill a gap in the medical profession at home and abroad, by the skin of patients worldwide acclaim for herbal magic. To this end, has attracted domestic and foreign medical technology sector and the media's attention, Chen Lisen research and deeds, more than one hundred domestic and foreign news media have made a special report.

In order to meet the needs of society, to capture more of the skin diseases. Taizhou Lisen Dermatology Institute, hired a number of pharmaceutical industry experts on skin cream (series) carried out further research to improve and perfect, but also in patients with a healthy skin perfect skin.

Since the clinic since the hospital for seven consecutive years Luqiao Health Bureau as "advanced collective", Taizhou awarded the "spiritual civilization base", Taizhou Food and Drug Administration granted "good faith demonstration pharmacy," Luqiao awarded " Civilization ", Luqiao Food and Drug Administration as" advanced collectives. " Dermatology Institute of Zhejiang Province, Chen Li Sen was appointed member of the Association invention, Luqiao first CPPCC members. Dean Chen Xu for the second, third CPPCC members.

To the hospital for sustainable development, in accordance with the Communist Party Congress spirit of the meeting, the House leadership to lead the entire staff breaks real innovation, advance with the times, uphold the integrity of running the hospitals philosophy and purpose of "good faith run hospital, love forever," the slogan "You Health is our greatest wish. " And to develop a "talent project implementation, to encourage technological innovation, to carry out efficient services, improve the quality of care, democracy, scientific and standardized management procedures", as the hospital's development advantages, to achieve specialist features the brand's leaps and bounds.

Doctors no omnipotent, life-long learning, we will never be a scholar attitude, excellence, scaled new heights for our noble cause to the next level, a step towards a more brilliant tomorrow.