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TaiZhou LiSen Dermatology Hospital located in the business center of Taizhou City - Luqiao, it is a beautiful, prosperous and economically developed city. It has convenient air, port and railway transportation, and the hospital is close to National Highway 104. The hospital was founded in 1997 by Chen Lisen, the former researcher of the "World Medical Research Center" and the director of the Taizhou Lisen Institute of Dermatology. The hospital has a total investment of 30 million yuan, a total floor area of 10000 square meters, a total construction area of 7000 square meters, and a fixed asset of 40 million yuan. It is a special hospital specialized in the treatment of skin diseases.

Taizhou Lisen Dermatology Research Institute was established in 2003 with the approval of Taizhou Municipal Science and Technology Commission. In 2022, the Taizhou Branch of Beijing Lisen Dermatology Research Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine was established, which is a service system integrating scientific research and clinical research. Our hospital mainly uses Chinese herbal medicine preparation skin cream (series) developed by Chen Lisen. Through more than 50 years of exploration and research by Chen Lisen, and through the clinical practice of hundreds of thousands of cases at home and abroad, it has been proved that the treatment of various common skin diseases and intractable skin diseases, using the Chinese herbal medicine of our hospital, the Chinese medical science and technology, is deeply loved by patients with skin diseases. In particular, the treatment of persistent psoriasis (psoriasis), once known as the second cancer by the medical community at home and abroad, is a difficult medical problem for the medical community to prevent recurrence. The use of our hospital's Chinese herbal medicine physiologic diagnosis and treatment skills, especially in the treatment of relapse, has been highly praised by patients with dermatosis at home and abroad for the magic of Chinese herbal medicine. For this reason, it has attracted great attention from medical science and technology circles and news media at home and abroad. His research achievements won the United Nations (TIPS) "Star Award for Invention and Innovation of Science and Technology" in 1993; In 1995, he won three gold awards at the "National Third World Talent Exchange Exhibition Conference", and in 1998, he won the third prize of the gold image at the "Fourth World Traditional Medicine Conference", and was rated as "Outstanding Person in Contemporary World Traditional Medicine", "China's Hundred Medical Stars", and "World Famous Traditional Chinese Medicine" by the conference organizing committee. In 1999, he won the Golden Image Award at the "10th International Conference on Academic Exchange of Famous Medicine". His research deeds have been reported by nearly 100 domestic and foreign news media, such as Xinhua News Agency, People's Daily, China News, CCTV News Network, the United States New Era Times, the European Times, the People's Daily Overseas Edition, Austria United Television, Zhejiang Daily, Zhejiang TV, Taizhou TV, Taizhou Daily, etc. His deeds have been edited by dozens of large publications at home and abroad, such as "The Chinese Medical Cause Going to the World", "ATETC Science Tower Collection", "The Smart Treasure Series of Trans-century Talents", "The Dictionary of Contemporary Chinese and Western Famous Doctors", "The World Famous Traditional Chinese Medicine", "The Chronicle of Chinese Traditional Medicine", "The Dictionary of Ancient and Modern People in Zhejiang", "96 National Newspaper News People Expo", "The Chronicle of Zhejiang", "The Chronicle of Huangyan County" Huangyan Health Records, etc..

In order to meet the needs of society, more difficult and complicated skin diseases will be tackled. In 2013, the Beijing Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine of Lisen Dermatology was established in Beijing to further study and sublimate the diagnosis and treatment skills of Lisen Dermatology, continuously improve and improve them, and provide a healthy and perfect skin for patients with dermatosis.

Since the opening of the clinic, the hospital has been rated as "Advanced Collective" by the Luqiao District Health Bureau for seven consecutive years, "Work Base for the Creation of Spiritual Civilization" by Taizhou City, "Integrity Demonstration Pharmacy" by Taizhou Food and Drug Administration, "Civilized Unit" by Luqiao District, "Advanced Collective" by Luqiao District Food and Drug Administration, and "AAA Unit of Integrity" by the District Civil Affairs Bureau. Chen Lisen, director of the Taizhou Lisen Institute of Dermatology Prevention and Treatment, was once employed as a member of the Zhejiang Invention Association and the first CPPCC member of Luqiao District. President Chen Xu is a member of the second and third CPPCC, and has been invited to be the vice president of the Popular Science Branch of the Chinese Ethnic Medicine Association and the director of the Chinese Association of Life Sciences.

In order to promote the sustainable development of the hospital, promote the culture of traditional Chinese medicine, enable more people to understand its researchprojects, and better serve society, in 2013, a press conference was held at the National People's Congress Center for the clinical results of famous traditional Chinese medicine Chen Lishen's use of Chinese herbal medicine to treat skin diseases, which was led by the leader Highly praised by medical experts. In 2017, the skin disease diagnosis and treatment skills of Lishen in Taizhou were recognized as a representative project of the intangible cultural heritage in the Luqiao District. In 2019,President Chen Xu was recognized as the inheritor of the representative project of the intangible cultural heritage in the Luqiao District. In 2020, he was recognized as a representative project of the intangible cultural heritage in Taizhou Representative projects of intangible cultural heritage in Taizhou City. In 2022, President
Chen Xu was recognized as the inheritor of representative projects of intangible cultural heritage in Taizhou City. In 2023, he was recognized as the inheritor of representative projects of intangible cultural heritage in Zhejiang Province and has been listed as a provincial-level intangible cultural heritage Directory.

In order to better serve the society, the leaders of the hospital led the staff of the hospital to keep up with the reality and innovation, keep pace with the times, and adhere to the idea of honesty and quality service. The tenet of running the hospital is "running the hospital with integrity and love forever", and the slogan is "your health is our greatest wish". Pay attention to talent training and introduction, encourage technological innovation, develop efficient and high-quality service system, and improve medical quality. Implement democratic, scientific, standardized and procedural management "as the development advantage of the hospital to realize the leapfrog development of specialty brand.

Doctors no omnipotent, life-long learning, we will never be a scholar attitude, excellence, scaled new heights for our noble cause to the next level, a step towards a more brilliant tomorrow.